Stay Connected

     Widgets are applications for the internet that allow you easy access to just about anything. There are widgets for weather, to take notes, or to tell the time. Shout Me is a widget that puts all your social media contacts in one place. You can put your URL’s to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, MySpace, YouTube, and Flickr within the widget.
     Widgets allow you to multitask and be a click away from anything. Student Christen Scarpa said widgets are unique tool: “I think the accessibility of being able to see everything you’re working on at once is a really convenient tool.”
     “Because widgets exploit well-understood tools and technologies, they have lower entry barriers than complex native applications, and thus can be a good first step to assess the demand for an application on a specific platform before undertaking expensive native development,” research firm Gartner told Widgets are highly accessible and many websites offer simple tools to make your own.


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